Squirrelfest 2017

Nature Into Action

A friends dinner club decided to have a squirrel based theme. He asked me to procure some fine meats for the occasion.

Well I don’t need much arm twisting to go to the woods. Off I went after some bushy tails and supplied the party with some of the forest groceries.  The New Jersey small game season allows a licensed hunter to take 5 squirrels per day.

As a licensed hunter, one must pass a hunter education class and purchase a yearly license.  I choose to pay $72.50 for the all-around sportsman which includes Resident Firearm Hunting, Bow & Arrow Hunting & Fishing Licenses.  Approximately $27.50 accounts for the resident firearm tag.  These license fees pay salaries of NJ Fish & Wildlife employees and help to preserve wildlife management areas and other open space for public access.  In addition Pittman-Robertson Act aka Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act takes an…

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