Jeff Cooper 2.0: Gabe Suarez and the New Modern Technique of the Pistol

Gun Culture 2.0

A commenter on my Facebook page partial to Jeff Cooper and the Modern Technique was critical of what he called the Post-Modern Technique of the Pistol – contemporary teaching that departs from the essentials taught in Version 1.0.

My experience is not as substantial as many others’, but it seems to me based on my observations so far that what we see in the mainstream of the gun training industry is not a leaving behind of the Modern Technique (post-modernism) but an updating of the Modern Technique (neo-modernism).

This makes sense because so much of the expanding tree of gun trainers traces its roots back to Col. Jeff Cooper. Many are either students of Cooper (direct or indirect), or students of Cooper’s students (direct or indirect). At least on the national level.

Gabriel (Gabe) Suarez is a case in point. As Cooper is revered by most and Suarez reviled by…

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