Gun profits dropping as fear-motivated buying decreases

Jim Campbell's

One thing that may  well have been overlooked in this piece is that those of us who wanted guns did so when Obama was in office.

All he did was make the cost of weapons and ammunition rise.

Like guns or not there are two times extra measures are required, when one needs a parachute or they find them selves in a situation called a shoot or be killed situation.

President Trump Claims to be the Most Pro-Gun President in Modern Times,

With both houses of Congress under Republican control, pro-gun groups are now focused on achieving their major goal: the passage so-called “concealed carry reciprocity” laws.

As things stand, US states have different rules about who can carry a concealed weapon in public, and what they need to do to get permission. But the new laws, if passed by Congress and signed off by President Trump, would mean an…

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