House to Vote Today on Gun Bill


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GOA will not advocate for a bill enforcing gun control
Yesterday, the House Rules Committee voted to combine the reciprocity and anti-gun “Fix NICS” bills (H.R. 38 and H.R. 4477).

The combined bill now goes to the House floor, with votes scheduled for today.

Because of the united push from gun control groups, the NRA and many House Republicans, the “Fix NICS” portion has an OVERWHELMING majority in the House.

Not only that, a stand-alone “Fix NICS” bill has an OVERWHELMING majority in the Senate. This is further evidenced by the fact that Republican Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn — along with Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Chris Murphy — are all cosponsors and strongly supporting Fix NICS (S. 2135).

So the result of passing the NICS bill apart from reciprocity would be for gun control to be fast-tracked to President Trump’s desk, while reciprocity died under a…

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