Updating the Modern Technique of the Pistol at Gunsite Academy, 2017

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I’ve posted over a dozen times about various aspects of Col. Jeff Cooper and Gunsite but recently realized I never got around to the question of how the teaching at Gunsite Academy today compares to the classic Modern Technique of the Pistol articulated by Cooper.

This is a bit of a touchy subject at Gunsite. As I noted previously, Gunsite COO Ken Campbell often deflects criticism that Gunsite Academy is the “Southwest Dinosaur League” (a derogatory modification of the original “Southwest Combat Pistol League” started by Jeff Cooper), arguing that the curriculum at Gunsite has evolved over time.

Memorability from the Southwest Pistol League in Col. Jeff Cooper’s armory at The Sconce, Gunsite Ranch. Photo by David Yamane

Some outsiders recognize this evolution, as well as the challenge of evolving without fundamentally breaking with the foundational doctrine. According to Rob Pincus, “The Modern Technique was bad ass in 1983.”…

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