Cornyn/Feinstein Gun Control Bill Introduced!

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It seems that Republican Senator John Cornyn (TX) has lost his damned mind teaming up with that loony bint Dianne Feinstein(Dippycrap Commiefornia).

Cornyn/Feinstein Gun Control Bill Introduced!

USA -( When Hillary Clinton lost her election over a year ago to President Donald Trump, you may have assumed that our gun rights were secure for the foreseeable future.

Maybe you thought that we could finally pass some pro-gun bills in D.C. for a change.

But that was before the Las Vegas and Texas shootings.

As the demand for gun control reached a fevered pitch, Republican Senator John Cornyn (TX) teamed up with radical gun-grabber Diane Feinstein (CA) to unveil a massive gun control bill late last week!

Let me tell you, the liberal media and Bloomberg funded front-groups could not be happier to see a bi-partisan gun control bill on the move.

Senator Mike Crapo sits on the Judiciary Committee…

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