The Rise of Bulletpoof Fashion in the United States

Gun Culture 2.0

My main professional association, the American Sociological Association, recently referred a freelance writer to me. She is working on a story on the rise of bulletproof fashion for, a style and fashion website owned by Vox Media. I asked her to send me her questions and I answered them in writing, as reproduced below.

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Question and Answer on Bulletproof Fashion

Q1: We have observed a growing trend of retailers offering bulletproof apparel, sometimes quite high-end, in the United States. What’s your initial reaction to that idea – the concept of high-end bulletproof fashion – as well as to the fact that it’s becoming more popular? Were you already aware of this trend? What do you see as the appeal of a high-end piece of bulletproof fashion, such as a suit, versus a standard vest?

I have heard about bulletproof apparel but it is a niche…

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