Red Dot Sights on Pistols: Crazy or Not?

I am not a fan of those or most other gimmicks. Decades ago, I used to cover front ramp and rear sight, with masking tape to obstruct the outline, and practice firing instinctively. New ages, new things. I feel backwards, now.

Gun Culture 2.0

Love him or hate him, Gabe Suarez is a pioneer in the use, promotion, and sale of red dot sights on pistols. I had a chance to see the slides and slide/sight packages Suarez International sells when I spent a couple of hours at Suarez International before my visit to Gunsite in June.

So one of the things I was looking forward to most when I returned to Prescott last week to observe a Suarez International Pistol Gunfighting School was shooting a pistol with a red dot sight.

I am just an average marksman and not a gun hardware guy, so take these as the initial thoughts of a normal shooter.

(If you want more rigorous thinking on the topic, Karl Rehn has undertaken a systematic study of red dots on pistols in comparison to other sighting systems, and Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics released a white paper earlier…

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