So How Do We Protect Our Houses of Worship?


ChurchAgain. A church was attacked. 26 people, some children were murdered. As usual, the liberal cry of “gun control” rings out, ignoring that the murderer was stopped by two honest citizens with guns before he could continue the carnage.

Christian churches and Jewish Synagogues have come increasingly under attack in recent years.  Many preppers worship at one or the other.  But oddly enough, people who will prep to the max and arm to the teeth will often not even consider proper security measure where they worship. It is a combination of the psychological trust that God will protect them, as well as the idea that a House of Worship is meant to be an open and welcoming atmosphere available to all, and that proper security measures would hinder this. There was a time in this country when even a hard-bitten criminal might hesitate to commit a crime in a religious…

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