Here’s The Story About The Texas Church Shooting Gun Control Advocates Don’t Want You to Hear


pennine:Brilliant article, I agree its every word. No amount of Gun Control will ever stop criminals/psychopaths from getting their hands upon guns. Psychos  of late  -(including the Islamic terrorist manics)-have been using not only guns to murder innocent people,they have used home-made bombs, knives, vehicles. Yet i don’t hear any such calls to ban people depending upon knives for their livelihoods, e.g.  the butcher, the baker &candle-stick maker & everybody possessing household bread/kitchen knives, and  those kept as eating utensils. Nor am i hearing calls for vehicles to be taken from everyone and nationwide driving bans on every law abiding drivers. That would be ridiculous.

                             What does need working on is how everyone can best defend themselves if they ever (God forbid) have the misfortune  to be confronted  by  such maniacs on the loose , and if it takes law abiding & vetted folk be given…

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