The Gun Control Round Up – The Legal Brief ~ VIDEO

Give Me Liberty

H/T AmmoLand.

This gun control monster is just like the mythological Hydra we cut off on head and it grows another.

We must keep on chopping off the heads of the gun control beast until there are no more heads growing.

USA – -( Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we’re flipping through the highlight reel of the recent onslaught of gun control legislation.

Before we jump into today’s topic I just wanted to take a second to thank all of you for your support. For those of you that haven’t heard, with your help and dedication, I’m back on the ballot for the NRA Board of Directors in 2018. That’s right, we’re doing it again, and this time we’re going across the finish line!…

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