WordPress posting my posts thirteen hours after I post them

In case you are wondering why my posts are continual, WordPress either by error, defect, or design, is posting my posts on both blogs, up to thirteen hours after I post. This went on initially in 2012, when BHO was gearing up, and conservatives were being held down. My main blog has not worked normally since then, and I had contacted Wp regarding the matter. Some airhead gave me computer double-talk, ending with, it was not their problem. Then it started going bad again in 2016. Now, maybe because Uranium One articles are posted or because the USAG is compromised, it has been posting late. I post for some time, then get away from this aggravating computer. Then I return and post a bit more. But it appears that the late posts make it look like I never get away from the keyboard. It is aggravating as articles sensitive to time, are being posted after the entire world and even MSM gets wind, meanwhile, from other blogs, I get the word out early. Have I been disgusted? Yes. In fact, there may come a time when I finally walk away from the keyboard. That would be nice for myself, and would scare the living crap out of many scumbags. I could then be anywhere, and doing anything. But I would be enjoying what is remaining of my life.


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