Gun Control Activists – Say Her Name, It’s Carol Bowne

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Carol Bowne is a victim of the anti gun attitude in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey.

Opinion : Reprinted from “Say Her Name”, by Shayna Lopez-Rivas

Carol Bowne

USA —-( Dear Gun Control Activists,

Do you know who Carol Bowne is? Since you advocate for more gun control, you absolutely should know who she is.

When you go to sleep at night, her face should be in your dreams.When you pray, if you pray, she should be in your prayers.

You should repeat her name every single time you promote laws that restrict law abiding citizens from having and carrying guns.

Carol Bowne.

Carol Bowne died waiting for the state of New Jersey, specifically her local police department, to allow her to protect herself with a gun.

Had national reciprocity been passed, had shall-issue concealed carry been the law of the land, Carol would still be…

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