UPDATE: Mandalay Bay Massacre – Latest Las Vegas Sheriff Press Conference…


The latest press conference from Las Vegas reveals some stunning information.  During the Q&A within the latest update the Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo noted the shooter Stephen Paddock had an apparent escape strategy to survive the attack.

As more information is revealed the scope of the pre-planning by Stephen Craig Paddock lends to a strong probability that more than one person is involved.  [We’ll keep looking for better video of latest presser.Better (full) video found:

  • *Paddock led a secretive life. No social media presence.
  • *Paddock previously scouted a prior venue.
  • *10:05pm shooting begins. Suspect on 32nd floor.
    *10:12pm First two officers arrive on 31st floor stating gunfire origin on 32nd floor.
    *10:15pm Last shots fired by suspect.
    *10:17pm First two officers arrive on 32nd floor.
    *10:18pm Security guard, Jose Campos tells police…

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