Yet Another Anti-Gun Bill Lands on California Governor’s Desk

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H/T Bearing Arms.

I do not have any doubt Governor Moonbeam Brown will sign this anti gun bill. 

Yet another anti-gun bill has landed on California Governor Jerry Brown’s desk this month. This time, lawmakers are hoping to reinforce the firearms ban on elementary and secondary school campuses.

In 1995, the state passed the Gun-Free School Zone Act, which prohibits any person from knowingly bringing a firearm into a public school zone. In 2015, the act was amended so that superintendents could grant CCW permit holders permission to carry on school grounds if they had reason to believe their life was in danger. The goal was to ensure victims of domestic abuse always had a way to protect themselves.

However, if Gov. Brown approves the new measure, known as AB 424, school administrators will no longer be able to grant exemptions and the blanket ban on firearms will…

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