Lethal versus Less-Lethal – Which is Appropriate?


By Harold F. Callahan

Minimum Force. If any two words have caused more headaches in my life those come above “Election Duties”, “Monday morning” and even “double rum”. I have always had a little chuckle when, in the middle of being lectured about law by the most irritating person in the bar, he starts on about when HE was in the army they still used the all magical and powerful R-1. But his was actually an Eff-Enn, which made him somewhat more superior than all the other okes who didn’t get to go to the border. Like it was some sort of national secret, he says the reason THEY had THEIR Arr-wunns taken away and issued with “those” Arr-foors was because the Arr-foor was like less powerful and therefore commensurate with Minimum Force. Sorry, if you heard me grumble “bullshit” you’ll have to blame it on my Catholic upbringing. As…

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