LAPD Chief “Warns of Apocalypse if National Concealed Carry Passes”

CONSTITUTIONAL Carry, not, Concealed Carry. America needs, Constitutional Carry. That LAPD Chief is a political (paid for) joke.

Give Me Liberty

H/T AllOutDoor.

I want to make two observations first we have heard this line of crap for years.

Second I noticed the LAPD’s  Chief’s eyes are brown because he is so full of shit.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck (Image: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)


Just when you think we’ve spread enough pro-gun truth to educate folks, you see something like this. Namely, an article from Awr Hawkins in which Charlie Beck, the chief of police for Los Angeles, claims that more concealed firearms in the hands of citizens is dangerous for police.

Here’s an excerpt from an op-ed which bears Beck’s name:

The mere presence of more concealed weapons on California streets would make police work here much more hazardous.

He is, of course, incorrect. Concealed carriers help reduce crime–and most police officers support private gun ownership for self defense, as shown in a Pew study on the…

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