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  1. But for three Old Timer knives and several tinker knives I had made for me, I’ve never owned anything other than buck knives,……Two of the tinker knives are made from lawn mower blades that are now nearly 12 & 16 years old and can count on both hands the number of times I have sharpened tham, is exactly how well they keep a good shaving blade….
    My best Buck knives are around 20 years old now and one of my favorites Bucks has only 1/4 of its blade width left and has become one of the best skinning knives I have ever owned, it just fits perfectly for cutting close to the hide in tight spaces.
    I’m not sure I could get use to the handles on these, but then again, may get a surprise, I just love the old style wood and bone handles.

    Fun article thank you………

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