If Trump is Responsible for Death at Charlottesville, Then Isn’t Obama Responsible for these 5 Murders?

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Bathhouse Barry should be held accountable for these deaths.

Leftists and their media puppets have predictably blamed President Trump for the violence and chaos during the white supremacist ‘Unite the Right’ protest that occurred in Charlottesville over this past weekend.

 The president has profusely condemned the acts of the white supremacists and counter protesters that were there also; something Obama never did when Black Lives Matter was running wild.Here are five murders Liberals and the media should have blamed Obama for — if they are holding the same standard as they are for Trump — but didn’t:

1. Chris Dorner’s murderous rampage. In 2013, ex-Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Officer Chris Dorner murdered four people in slightly over a week, including two police officers. In his manifesto, Dorner railed against the LAPD for firing him for complaining about an instance in which he…

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