Adding Longitude and Latitude Lines to a map

Grids give coordinates for many different things, such as pinpoint artillery. The rule of thumb, is to “Read Right Up”. Start from the left, work to the right, then go up.

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by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Adding Longitude and Latitude Lines to a map.

Locating where you are using the internet is great but there are times when you have no mean to connect to the internet and you have to use GPS for positioning without any assistance via the internet. Such a situation may arise when you have no internet coverage or when going hiking.

If you want to use your GPS off-grid with any map,you need to draw on top of the map an accurate system of regularly spaced longitude and latitude coordinate lines.

This posting shows how to add the lines.

1.Making a map graduated with Longitude and Latitude Lines.

1. Choose a map with your required resolution and range. The resolution differs for different application: For city street maps resolution should be better…

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