Freeze Dried Pantry: Part 3 (Overview)

The Armed Christian

As I mentioned in Part One of this series Thrive, or, more accurately Thrive Life, markets their freeze dried foods as being more Convenient, Healthy, Cost Efficient, Tasty, Long Lasting, High Quality and Versatile.

To be honest, my primary interest, at least at first, was to find some long lasting additions to our food storage plans to supplement the staples of beans and rice and this is an excellent product for doing just that. It lasts a long time and is pretty tasty.

We also found value in these products from a daily perspective and use them on a daily basis. It is easy to have plenty of fruits, veggies and meats on hand that we don’t have to worry about spoiling if they are not used quickly. Re-hydrating the ingredients for a meal is quick and easy and reduces the amount of “prep time” for a home cooked meal…

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