CBS Accidentally Stumbles On Harsh Truth About Gun Laws

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By Tom Knighton
Bearing Arms
August 5, 2017

It’s safe to say that CBS and other mainstream media organizations aren’t precisely friends of the Second Amendment. A recent story about gun violence in Chicago appears to keep up that trend when it’s announced, “The problem we heard – and saw – over and over again, was guns.”

The firearm enthusiast community would be easily forgiven for simply rolling their eyes at the post and not thinking anything of it. After all, a mainstream media story blaming guns for violence? That only happens on days that end in the letter “Y”, right?

In the midst of the standard fear mongering about guns, however, CBS accidentally exposes a truth that they might not have intended to.

Asked where he got his .40-caliber gun, he said, “Off the streets, people sell ’em.”

“Just like that, that’s how easy it is,” another man said.

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