BREAKING: 1 Dead, Multiple Injured After Man Declares Jihad In Colorado And Missed By An Inch

Give Me Liberty

H/T Freedom Daily.

It is time to declare war on these rag headed goat humping bastards.

As people in Denver, Colorado were going about their workday, 26-year-old Eric Ukuni set out that morning with a different plan in mind. His mission ended in one dead and multiple others injured, after narrowly escaping with their lives when Ukuni failed to complete his “task” by an inch.

Ukuni, whose race and religion was mysteriously missing from multiple reports as possible factors in his attack, went on a killing spree throughout part of Denver. A 66-year-old delivery man, Ernest Gurrini, was caught in his wrath and murdered by Ukuni, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ukuni tried to claim others’ lives after taking Gurrini’s to reach is “goal.” He had announced earlier in the day on Tuesday that he was on a mission to kill three people but was stopped…

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