New Jersey Collected HOW MANY Guns in its Recent Buyback Program?

If they’re stupid enough to turn in their guns, then they were too stupid to have them in the first place.

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How many of these firearms could have been linked to a crime?

New Jersey had its largest gun buyback event last weekend, collectinga total of 4,775 firearms across Camden, Trenton and Newark.

Residents turned in 1,973 handguns, 1,142 shotguns, 1,025 rifles and 129 “assault weapons” as New Jersey police call them. With each firearm being handed in – no questions asked – in exchange for $100 to $200, the state ended up shelling out a whopping $481,620 in cash.

Attorney General Christopher Porrino announced the news at a press conference at Newark Police Communication Center this week, noting that the event got 2,000 more guns off the streets than any previous buyback program in the state. Even more shocking, more firearms were collected this past weekend than have ever been collected by law enforcement officers through arrests and seizures in a single year.

U.S. Attorney William…

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