These are some of the most famous warhorses in military history

I kind of pick it up with Man-O-War, c.1917, on the flats, and look for a good closer, flats or turf. 😉

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Some interesting history of war horses.

Memorial to the horses of the second Boer war. NJR ZA -CC BY-SA 3.0

Since mankind first learned to ride horses, we have been riding them into battle. Some war horses have been particularly beloved and famous, thanks to the bonds they shared with their riders.

Here are five of the most fondly remembered.


The favorite steed of Alexander the Great, Bucephalus was believed to have been with the Macedonian monarch from the time Alexander was 12 or 13 years old. He won the horse in a bet with his father after taming the beast.

Bucephalus was a massive horse with one blue eye. His name meant “ox-head” and came from a mark branded on him.

Alexander rode Bucephalus in numerous battles. It is possible that Bucephalus may have died from wounds during the Battle of Hydaspes against King…

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