Does Your Training Methodology Define You?

Gunservant turns 3-years-old today, and it is fitting that Bryan (a regular and valued contributor) decided to write a piece that is slightly more philosophical than usual for the occasion. I hope you find his discussion invaluable, and potentially life-saving. -Ed

By Bryan Mennie

I want to blend practicality with philosophy. Regular readers of this blog might forgive me this indulgence, especially since I believe it will cover an important gap in what we commonly refer to as our training or preparedness matrix, or whatever terminology we want to use to describe that we wish to take seriously as the requirement to protect ourselves and those whom we love.

Now in essence it is precisely this concept of self-definition that causes us, unwittingly, to minimize ourselves (and pigeon hole ourselves), or manipulating the structure of our lives and our efforts to meet the definitions of others.

Let me explain. When…

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