From the Lucky Gunner Lounge: Five Reasons Firearms Training Fails

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Chris Baker over at the Lucky Gunner Lounge posted an interesting piece recently on “Five Reasons Firearms Training Fails.”

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1. Time and Cost

Both of these are relative, so that for some it is just a matter of priorities. For others, the costs of training can actually be prohibitive. The cost of ammo is a hidden cost that I often only think about when I am replenishing my supply. It would be great, as Baker notes, if there was some way to get individuals who want to learn how to use firearms but can’t afford it together with the many people who would willingly donate their time to that cause. Someone younger and more technically astute must be able to do this — for example the way that Operation Blazing Sword connected LGBTQ individuals to gun people after the Pulse Night Club shooting.

2. People Forget

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