Anti-Gun Activists Lead a Couple to Ruin

Give Me Liberty

H/T National Review.

Sheeple being lead astray by the Shady Brady Bunch.

The Brady Campaign told an Aurora shooting victim’s parents to file a hopeless suit against a gun dealer. The result was bankruptcy. In 2012, Jessica Ghawi was murdered by James Holmes during a showing of The Dark Knight. She was one of twelve victims who died that day. In the aftermath, Ghawi’s mother, Sandy, filed a lawsuit against Lucky Gunner, the business that sold Holmes his weapons.

Last week, Mother Jones ran a story on Phillips, who complained bitterly that her case had been thrown out: Working for the Brady Campaign became a flurry of media appearances and meetings with politicians, police, and survivors. The Brady leadership also encouraged Lonnie and me to sue Lucky Gunner, the dealer that sold the stockpile of ammo to Jessi’s killer. We agreed that dealers should have to take some responsibility. Shouldn’t…

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