A Few Shots With The Hand Cannon

Too much moving of the hands. Get a good purchase on the weapon and hold it. Raise those sights up into your line of vision. Lock in your shoulder blades. Feet about as wide apart as your shoulders and crouch down a bit, bending the knees. Rock solid turret stance. Do not reposition the hands with every shot, as it weakens the shooting to plinking.
Crank off all six rounds. Combat reload. Thumbpiece pushed, non-shooting hand pushes cylinder crane open, thumb electing the brass as you twist at the hips to your right, for inertia. Short barrels have short ejector rods. Longer barrels have full ejector rods. Charge the cylinder with fresh ammunition, either speed load or 2×2, your index finger riding the cylinder flutes as guide. Practice that because in low light conditions, that is how you will rapidly know how to reload the cylinder. Non-shooting hand thumb closes (never Hollywood slamming) the cylinder now loaded. Repeat, raising the sights into your line of vision while reacquiring the target/assailant.
Practice rapid fire. Practice double tapping 2x2x2. Practice breaking tunnel vision by quickly turning the head left and right to look for other assailant and reacquire the target.
If your shooting feels weak, as you get ready to shoot, let some air out of your lungs by steadily low shouting “Haaaa!”, or “Rahhh!” (or, “Oorahhh!). Your choice of what works for you. As the air comes out, your body muscles tense, firing the weapon at the target.

The Armed Christian

We had an event at a local gun range today and I was able to take a few shots with the new (to me) Hand Cannon.

I have to say that when loaded with .357 Magnum rounds this is a pretty exciting little gun. Now, I like shooting snub-nosed revolvers and I don’t mind recoil but this little guy raises the bar…a lot.

First thing I noticed is that the Crimson Trace laser grips are way off and I will have to spend some time at the range to sight it in (if I decide to leave them on). The second thing I noticed is that the trigger is fine. I had no issue with it probably because of all the dry fire practice with the Model 360. I didn’t have enough time to check night sights for accuracy as I only had a few minutes free between…

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