How Much Difference Does Ballistic Coefficient Make?

Sierra Bullets

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Paul Box

Judging by the calls I’ve had through the years, I think some shooters might be placing too much importance on ballistic coefficient. The best example of this comes from a call I had one day. This shooter called wanting the ballistic coefficient (BC) of one of our bullets. After I told him he seemed a little disappointed, so I ask him what his application was. Long range target, deer hunting in the woods? Talk to me.

As it turned out, he hunted deer in open timber. Very rarely shot beyond 100 yds. I pointed out to him that under 200 yds. B.C. has little impact. Let’s compare a couple of bullets.

Let’s look at the trajectory of a couple of bullets and see how they compare. The .30 caliber 180 gr. round nose #2170 and the 180 gr. Spitzer boat tail #2160

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