Police (and Mossad Agents) Carry Empty-Chamber Because it is Safer. Mos.


By Harold F. Callahan*

When I was still pretty newly out of Police College, I could tell the level of my Warrant Officer’s authority by the size of his moustache and that look in his eye that said, “Blougat! As jy hier gaan rondfok sal ek jou soooharddonner you maa gaan dit voel!” (My apologies to sensitive viewers) It was the mid ‘80s and into this environment myself, my tunic, boned ‘school shoes’ and Walther P38 were thrust. Some guys called it the “Parabellum” (possibly because before it the calibre had not been used by the police), which for a newish guy like me caused some confusion early on as the shoes we wore were also called “Parabellums”.

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