Smith & Wesson Releases The New Model 360

Welcome To The Resistance!

The firearms blogs like TFB, American Rifleman and are all announcing that Smith & Wesson has released the “new” model 360 today. I don’t know about the new part, I can recall other model 360s in the lineup for sometime (I even own one in .38 Special, see link) so maybe it would be more accurate to say that Smith & Wesson has released a new variation of the 360.

Anyway, here is the “new” Model 360:

Smith & Wesson Model 360

It is a scandium alloy framed J-Frame chambered in .357 Magnum (basically the same frame as the 340 PD). The cylinder is stainless steel but not fluted. The extra material in the cylinder combined with the larger “combat” grips means the 360 weighs in about 1.1 ounces heavier than the 340. Not a huge difference and it is still about three ounces lighter than the…

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