Alien Gear Bashes Police for Shooting Armed Suspect ACTIVELY SHOOTING AT POLICE

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By Jenn Jacques
Bearing Arms
July 27, 2017

Um, they said WHAT NOW!?

Judging by their latest social media post, it’s safe to say Alien Gear Holsters just went full… well, you know.

The holster company took to their Facebook page this morning to sound off on the officer-involved shooting of Antoquan Watson, criticizing their use of force.

Watson, who was high on PCP, had opened fire on officers during a vehicle pursuit, even exited his vehicle to take aim at officers as he continued to fire at law enforcement.

Alien Gear obviously has a problem with the officers returning fire to stop Watson’s assault. Their FB post reads:

“A reasonable and prudent person follows a police officer’s orders; Angry people sometimes show reluctance, but is it ever okay to shoot someone 45 times?”

Our good friends at Blue Lives Matter report:

After getting hammered with criticism for almost 2 hours…

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