Branding in the Firearms Training Industry

Gun Culture 2.0

Having discussed the rise of civilian firearms training industry, as well as various means of ensuring quality in training services offered, including professionalization, licensing, certification, and apprenticeship, this post will consider one final approach to quality assurance in the gun training industry: BRANDING.

“Brands” originally were physical marks put on animals (and slaves, human beings who were treated like animals) as a sign of ownership. Later, wooden boxes of merchandise like wine were “branded” as a guarantee of the provenance and quality of the product being delivered.

“Wine Crate Art” by Kurman Communications, Inc. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

With the rise of the advertising industry in the 20th century (see “Mad Men”), the amplifier on efforts at branding got turned up to 11. Successful brands like Coca-Cola, Google, Mercedes, and Apple don’t just assure quality generically. They suggest a whole host of…

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