Hollow Points Are Illegal? What To Do When Stopped At A Roadblock


By Harold F. Callahan*

It’s one of the features of my profession. If like me, you’re a policeman, you have to understand that at social occasions you will be introduced as such every bloody time. Another attribute is that even when off-duty, with a cooler box in my hand and a Chesterfield in my mouth, I’ll also get the standard, “Watch out, here come the cops!” Like it was funny for the first 18 years I heard it. Usually at these sociable events, someone always comes up to me and asks some police-related question. Some are statements like “Hay craam us laak aat aff kontrol hay!” or similar enquiries of varying degrees of irritation due to misbeliefs, sheer ignorance, or sometimes because they have nothing better to say than repeating some random rumour. This blog post (or else you wouldn’t be reading it, I’m not that entertaining)…

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