Gene McVay On Guard

“Rural kids and parents angry about Labor Dept. Regs banning farm chores” was a news headline a few years ago.

I hope the Trump Administration will take a deep look into how the DOL and other agencies have systematically worked to destroy family farms in America. As if battling the weather, unpredictable prices, insects, blight, labor shortages, equipment failures, water shortages, crop failures and swings in fuel prices are not enough, farm families never know when a bus load of DOL inspectors will descend on them like a swarm of locusts.

In the 1930’s, the United States was home to 6.3 million farms; today, there are approximately 2 million, and fewer every day. The average age of today’s farmer or rancher is 60 years old and many give up as their children have no interest in taking on the hard work and low pay or in many instances, no pay…

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