Thoughts on American Gun Culture Shared with Journalist from Parisian Newspaper Le Monde

Gun Culture 2.0

While I’m at it with the media, I thought I would post comments on American gun culture I shared recently with a journalist from at the French daily newspaper Le Monde. The comments offer a summarize of some of my overarching views of American gun culture, for what they are worth. They are what I would tell anyone wondering about the place of guns in American society.

The journalist wrote me by email to say she is “writing an article regarding gun control and its’ role in American culture. I am looking specifically at the news bills, including HR 38 [national concealed carry reciprocity], introduced in the Senate after the Scalise shooting.” She posed two different questions:

  1. As an expert in the field, I was looking to get your  perspective on why Americans, across party lines, hold onto the Second Amendment so adamantly despite ongoing shootings.
  2. From a…

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