Contemporary Private Citizen Gun Trainers – Like Drawfs on the Shoulders of Giants?

Gun Culture 2.0

One final thought on Tom Givens’s Rangemaster Instructor Development and Certification course before I move on to considering apprenticeship, credentials, and branding in the private citizen gun training industry.

Listening to the Primary & Secondary ModCast #93 on how to find an instructor, the Rangemaster course was singled out as a high quality instructor certification course for those working in the private sector. The credit given to this course by the P&S podcasters (who spent a lot of time critiquing other firearms instructor certifications) is interesting because Givens himself doesn’t take alot of credit for what he teaching. In fact, at the outset of his course he makes clear that “much of what is taught in gun training is not novel.”

Tom Givens teaching on the range, May 2017. Photo by David Yamane

Givens encourages his student instructors to appreciate where the ideas and techniques they are teaching came from…

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