Answer to a repeatedly asked question [Blog]

Periodically, I receive an email or question, that asks the same thing concerning some matters of posting on this blog. The answer has been posted before however I believe it needs to be stated once more. Hopefully this will help the readers.

My main blog,, has been running since 2010 with a prior blog on another platform a year before that, so it is since 2009, that I am blogging. I retired in 1998. My kids wanted me to learn computers, which I failed at, and started me off blogging. Before that, it was strictly License & Warrants, or a closed PC system that I knew. The main blog, was suspended for one year until Wp asked for a $99.99 renewal and told them to go scratch their ass. Then I was told the blog was suspended “in error”, but RiflemanIIIJournal, was operational. Now I was up to two blogs. I do not get paid for anything and I will not accept any payment, or fees, or clicks, or advertisements (I don’t stick any of those in and if you see any, it is from Wp, and not myself). While the former president was out destroying the Bill of Rights, I started poking around the dark web, but never got into anything below the surface web, because I simply lack skills, to navigate around, and if talk of closing conservative blogs ever was to become reality, I had to keep looking. A friend in Great Britain helped me out, by extending courtesy to blog on one of his platforms. Now, I had three blogs to tend to. I always am grateful to the kindness of Ace News Group (UK).

I post many commentaries on numerous blog sites. Blogs that I re-post from, are blog that I trust, and they have an excellent track record. That is why I always encourage readers to visit those sites. They work hard to get their posts that are better than the MSM. Why do I re-post? I used to write in the first through fifth editions of the main blog, but there were hacking issues, and new editions to be developed. I realized that other bloggers, say things equal to myself, or better than myself, so there is little or no reason for me to add anything other than my investigative “Hmmm…”, that the reader will see regularly. I believe that I speak volumes by not saying a word. In fact, aside from the keyboard, I rarely speak several words a week.

I am trying to keep this blog for hunting and firearms related items. The crime posts, are because there are a few readers “On The Job”, and they have a dedicated interest in police work. They also need to be informed of matters when I believe it could be of officer survival concerns. I tried to soften my thinking, but when the rubber meets the road, no matter how long ago I retired, I am still a cop in my heart and in my soul. That will never change. The dynamics of police work, have changed, but the old dinosaur keeps going, and my old school way, remain unchanged. I have worn out a few pairs of shoes. I still have my call-box key. I still know how to put a spin on a nightstick. I still have a concern for the people in any given community.

I do not know how many readers I have accurately. A few on this blog, I had to block and throw out, because they were, what I believe to be, trolls. On my main blog, I gave the boot to about fifty, who were doing the same. Add both blog numbers, and I am actively reaching around 1,000 people. This is a bit of work, and a lot of hours. When I think of re-posts, I think of those working. Why? Because it reminds me of when I babysat a bullpen of 22 detectives. Everyone working. The phones constantly ringing. Paperwork a mile high on the desk. Instead of detectives, today, it’s bloggers. All doing a great job. I follow between 300 and 400 blogs, daily, and rotate blogs as needed when some blog falls off, or turns in a different direction. It’s their blog and they can do as they please. At times I am contacted by blogs not wanting to be associated and they may step off, or I will disconnect at their request. Some want more reader traffic, while others do not care for traffic or believe they are mainstream.

If the readers want more from blog posts, visit the main blog. I am far from perfect. At times I am flawed. There are 74,652,825 (as of this day) blogs in the Wp system. It’s a big blog world out there and I thank the readers.

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