Update: ETS Glock 43 Magazines

I’m not a big fan of aftermarket magazines. Had too many fail. If the mag is short-loaded, maybe the springs won’t fail.

The Armed Christian

The the Range Report I posted last month (link) I shared my initial thoughts on the Glock 43 magazines from ETS.

The main selling point, for me, on these magazines is that they are designed to have a seven round capacity while still fitting flush in the firearm. At the range I was unable to fit seven rounds into either of the magazines. A quick call to ETS’ customer support line (very nice folks by the way) resulted in a suggestion to load the magazines and let them sit for a week or so. This would “loosen up” the springs an allow them to be loaded with the extra round.

As you can see, it worked.

I am now able to load the magazines to their advertised capacity.


The spring is now 100%, fully compressed. There is no more give AT ALL. So inserting a fully loaded…

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