What is a “Professional Civilian Firearms Trainer”?

Gun Culture 2.0

With the exception of concealed carry instructors in certain states (like North Carolina), “civilian firearms instructor” as an occupation is unregulated by any local, state, or federal agency (that I am aware of – please correct me if I am wrong).

In such an environment, anyone can put up a shingle that says “I are a gun trainer,” to quote Ken Campbell, COO of Gunsite Academy.

As the gun training industry has grown over the past several decades, it is clear that many people are doing just that. Which raises the question, what is a “professional civilian firearms instructor”?

At its most basic level, if someone says they are a “professional [fill in the occupation],” they mean they do that job for money, as opposed to being an amateur or doing it as a hobby. For example, being a professional tennis player like Roger Federer as opposed to…

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