Exploring America’s Complex Relationship with Guns (Pew Research Center), Part 3 – Gun Carrying and Defensive Use

Gun Culture 2.0

Continuing on with my exploration of the Pew Research Center’s new report, America’s Complex Relationship with Guns, here I get closer to the heart of Gun Culture 2.0 — the new version of America’s historic gun culture, one now centered on armed self-defense and particularly concealed carry.

As I told the Pew Research Center staff during my consultation with them . . .

I think it is high time for someone to again ask a good question about people’s actual practices of gun carrying.

Although they restricted the respondents only to those who personally own handguns (72% of all gun owners, and 21% of all respondents to the survey), Pew finds that 57% of handgun owners “carry a handgun or pistol outside of their home” all of the time (11%), most of the time (15%), or some of the time (31%).

Screen cap of Pew Research Center report, p. 35…

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