The Second Amendment Issue the Supreme Court Can’t Avoid – POLITICO Magazine

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The court chose not to hear a major case on concealed weapons, but pressure is mounting to remove state barriers.

Source: The Second Amendment Issue the Supreme Court Can’t Avoid – POLITICO Magazine

Ultimately, we as 2A supporters will WIN!

The cited Stanford study is flawed and there is great data to refute and challenge that data.  Gun Control advocates continue to mis-use the statistics including suicides and self inflicted gun deaths to skew the numbers.

More & more Americans are waking up to the reality that a gun can & will save there life, especially now as they watch police officers across the country being shot & killed execution style and increased incidents of terror attacks here in America.

The last thing Americans want is to be dis-armed and we won’t stand for further restrictions by a government whose ability to block & restrict peoples rights is DENIED in…

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