Exploring America’s Complex Relationship with Guns (Pew Research Center), Part 2 – Getting Into Guns

Gun Culture 2.0

Continuing my series of looks at the Pew Research Center report, America’s Complex Relationship With Guns, an important question alongside the issue of the reason(s) people own guns is when and how people got into guns.

I am particularly interested in this question because of how late I got into guns myself, but it is of general interest in assessing the rise of Gun Culture 2.0.

The Gun Culture 2.0 hypothesis suggests an important driver of gun owning today is people who were not raised with guns. So, I suggested questions along these lines to the Pew Research Center.

How old were you when you acquired your first gun? What motivated your acquisition?

Although Pew did not ask what motivated people to acquire their first gun, they did ask, “At what age did you first get your OWN gun.” For those who say they currently or have ever owned…

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