‘Try That in THIS Country & You’ll Have a Civil War!’ Tucker vs Anti-Gun Activist

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Published on Jun 23, 2017

6-23-17: Tucker debates anti-gun activist Mark Glaze about the failures of Seattle’s gun tax.

Merengue PerSempre

Lose the right to bear arms and you will turn into Sweden. Just saying.
Bat Masterson
So do the gang members purchase their fire arms legally? I doubt it! This TAX has nothing to do with the gun violence. It has to do with Liberals suffering from CNN Syndrome!
Maddy Perennity
And probably an even higher percentage of gun murders are committed by registered Democrats. Maybe we should further hone in on the problem. If Democrats want to ban guns, maybe they should just ban their own and leave everyone else out of it.
That guy’s droopy eyelids are a sign of lack of Cell Salts. My Constitutional Rights are NOT a theory, asshat…

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