When in Prescott, Arizona, stop by Sturm, Ruger Company

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I didn’t think I would have much free time during my week observing a Gunsite 250 Pistol course in Paulden, Arizona to get down to Prescott, so I didn’t attempt to arrange a tour of the Ruger factory there. But due to the heat, we got to the range an hour early this morning so finished class an hour early this afternoon. I took the opportunity to drive to Prescott to check out the place where they make Ruger semi-automatic pistols.

A large statue of a cowboy on his horse greets you in the visitor parking area. The plaque reads: “In the vast reaches of the American West, the work ethic still exists. The man who makes his living on horses that are bound to buck earns his pay. A good hand is loyal to his outfit, meets a challenge, and takes pride in an honest day’s work.”

“An Honest…

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