Congress Pushes Bill to Let Lawmakers Carry Concealed Weapons Anywhere in U.S.

Since when are their lives valued more than anyone else’s life??

Jim Campbell's

Well now, isn’t this special?

From theleft waste their time making sure We the People can’t get permits to carry weapons yet let a couple of their own get hit and they are all over the concept of concealed carry.

Law abiding citizens daily face more dangerous situations than encountering a random nut job at a baseball field. 

Some states like CA are “Will issue,” not “Shall issue states.”

The former implies that the county sheriff has the decision to issue or not to issue.

Shall issue states means that anyone legally eligible to own a gun with no negative background information on them shall bee issued a permit.

The delusional politicians who desire gun free zones will never get them, they will just create a group of formerly law-abiding citizens into criminals.

Of course not one of themhas considered that murderers, rapists, home invaders and vicious thugs…

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