Rough Rider Tie Dye

A bit too much for my tastes. I have been thinking of dying a handle (whenever I get around to it…) in a mix of olive, brown, and gray. Probably come out some kind of Loden color. I love muted earth tones.


No I am not a hippie… That whole experience predated me by several years. Somehow about every 20 years or so Tie Dye makes a comeback so multiple generations recognize the multi color. Rough Rider Knives might just be in the right time for their contribution to the seemingly tireless pattern with two knives.

The colors that dominate the two knives: on one is orange, the other pink. For my review I have the orange version. It is a very colorful knife with assisted opening. It’s also a liner lock knife.

As you can see the tie dye is everywhere including the liners and the clip. The body of the knife is a reddish orange but somehow it all goes together. The liners extend past the body to form two lanyard holes. Yes, I can see all kinds of paracord, bling, beads whatever tied to those two lanyard holes.


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