Acknowledgement Of A God-Given Right


The 2nd Amendment does not give us the right to self-defense.  That right is given by God, not men.  The Amendment’s intent is to restrict government from encroaching on a right that was given to all men.  And it is also a directive (I believe) to practice with military weapons for the defense of the public at large if necessary.  Well regulated meant well trained, not anything else.  No restrictions on the personal God-given right of the individual to keep and bear (carry) weapons.  One of our Founders, Tenche Coxe said that the sword, musket, and ALL the terrible weapons of the soldier are the birthright of the American people.  RPG’s anyone?

Anyway, Congressman Mike Bishop appears to understand where our rights come from and gave thanks appropriately.  God bless him, we need more of his kind.

Remember, Yeshua (Jesus) told his disciples to sell the shirts off their…

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