Apparently the NRA is Now Selling “Murder Insurance”

Gun Culture 2.0

According to a gun control group I have never heard of until this media campaign, the companies underwriting the new NRA Carry Guard “insurance” plan,  Chubb and Lockton, are actually selling “murder insurance.” And they should stop doing so. (Not sure why Guns Down America is not all over Lockton Affinity for also administering Second Call Defense plan, or Lloyds of London for underwriting it.)

Without going into details — which others like Kevin Creighton at Misfires and Light Strikes and Marty Hayes of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network have done already — I suspect that if you are involved in a “bad shoot” and/or are adjudicated guilty of murder that many legal defense plans won’t pay out. (Unlike the case of George Zimmerman who needed a legal defense plan and who, despite the Guns Down claim in the screen cap below, was found not guilty of the…

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